Varicose veins, with their twisted, enlarged, and sometimes painful manifestation, often get sidelined as a cosmetic issue. However, they're indicative of deeper venous circulation problems, harboring potential health risks if overlooked. These are not mere skin blemishes; they’re indicators of profound circulatory dysfunction resulting from

Certain months are dedicated to awareness, appreciation or prevention. As we slip into the fall and the weather gets slightly cooler, we commemorate September as Suicide Prevention Month. We remember those who took their lives, individuals who are struggling and recognize others who make an

Southeast Brooklyn and Rockaway residents continue the fight against sheltering 7,500 single adult male asylum seekers at Floyd Bennett Field, part of Gateway National Park. Canarsie native Curtis Sliwa and Sid Rosenberg, both 77 WABC radio hosts, led another protest at the entrance to the federal

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The world is full of some phenomenal people. Right here in East Flatbush, we are lucky to have one of them living among us, DJS-1. For over a decade, DJS-1 has been impressing partygoers and music lovers with his signature mash-up mixes of Hip Hop,

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Residents gathered at the Carmine Carro Community Center in Marine Park to voice their concerns about a migrant shelter in Floyd Bennett Field at the first meeting of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association (MMHCA) since the summer break. On September 15th, New York City signed a

Second place winners: Tomer Shoham with Bella, Dara Mormile and Kiera Haggerty. Over 50 participants came to the park with shirts honoring John DiVanna. First place winners: Zadlaire Guillou and Kristen Horn with event organizer Dara Mormile. Despite the cold weather and gray skies, family,

Workplace security is something that is so important to everybody in the business, but it's so important also to your clients. While you can look after your employees and your staff that come in and out of the office all the time, you might not

Frustrated, angry and anxious Marine Park residents, eager to discuss the threat of plans to house thousands of migrants at Floyd Bennett Field (FBF), packed the Carmine Carro Community Center at 3000 Fillmore Avenue on the evening of Tuesday, September 19th, for the first meeting

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On Thursday, September 14th, former Governor Andrew Cuomo made his first public, political appearance since leaving office in 2021, at the Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Democratic Club, 77 Conklin Avenue. The former governor addressed a packed room of fellow leaders, including State Senators Roxanne Persaud (SD

School District 22 Superintendent Julia Bove hosted a very well-attended, virtual “Back-to-School Town Hall” meeting on Tuesday evening, September 19th, via Zoom, to address the most pressing concerns families have at the beginning of this school year. The superintendent began the meeting by identifying her

The September 20th meeting of Community Board 18 (CB 18) was taken over by a discussion of the asylum seekers and the migrant camp that is in the works at the National Parks Service’s Floyd Bennett Field. The board, located at 1097 Bergen Avenue, represents