September 26


East Flatbush – DJS-1 Appreciation Block Party

September 26, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 39

The world is full of some phenomenal people. Right here in East Flatbush, we are lucky to have one of them living among us, DJS-1. For over a decade, DJS-1 has been impressing partygoers and music lovers with his signature mash-up mixes of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Rock. He is not just a great DJ but also a compassionate individual who supports and always gives back to his community.

DJS-1’s dedication to the community can’t go unnoticed, and he certainly shows his appreciation. He celebrated those families with a DJS-1 Appreciation Block Party on Albany Avenue earlier this month.  This was the 2nd Annual “DJS-1 Appreciation First Saturday Block Party,” and a party it was.

DJS-1 and Elite Learners partnered to make this event miraculous.  Elite Learners’ Executive Director Camara L. Jackson launched Elite Learners, Inc. in 2016.  Their slogan is “Each One, Teach One to Reach One.” Their reach has definitely been felt in this community.  They provided games, snacks and bouncy houses for the children to enjoy.

There were performances galore.  Not only did DJS-1 co-host with DJ Mix Myles, his 8-year-old son, who is blazing in the music mix scene, but DJ Corey had the attendees jamming on the dance floor.

Monia Amore was a show stopper. She captivated the crowd.  The partygoers were vibing to her new single, “At The End of The Day.” Amore also sang many more songs which one attendee, Arlene Linton, remarked, “Her songs are on fire.”

The event featured many more artists like Jerry Wess, a Brooklyn battle rapper, who has made a name for himself. Wess collaborated with Live Wire, another very talented hip hop artist. Wess was also sharing information about his new venture, Wess Films, which partners up with schools to teach our youth media production. Swooptick, also a phenomenal rapper/entertainer, was in attendance.

DJS-1 Appreciation Block Party was surly a vibe.  The vendors that came out were no short of just simply amazing. Lakeisha Johnson, owner of  Loa’s Vegan Delite, donated meals to all the families that came out, and it was delicious.  School supplies with affirmations were provided by ASOM (Amazing Shades of Melanin). Elissa Thomas-Bey, founder of ASOM, gave away wonderful gifts that highlighted the notion that beauty comes in all shades.  The Hands on Workshop Experience was definitely there doing educational-based arts that they have been doing in the community for eight years now.  Leslie-Ann Angus, founder/owner of the organization, said, “We have to teach children the way they learn.” The H.O.W. table gave away art painting kits and creative clay craft supplies.

All the vendors were spotlighted by DJS-1 during his, as he calls it, “The Vendor Walk.”  So many came out to give back to the community – Powell Martial Arts, Elleemgstylez, DJ Mama KiM, Community School New York Edge and Ruth Fleury, who is an author of children books.   She shared with the children a book she wrote called, Hyper Kid, So They Say! The families gravitated to her books. One parent said, “I can really relate to this book.” The vendor walk also included Sisters With a Goal (SWAG), in which they provided wonderful Nickelodeon attire and toys for every child who came to the block party.

Check out  DJS-1 on WBLS 107.5 FM on Saturdays from 8 to 10 p.m. This event is an annual celebration. Hope to see you next year!

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