Captain Cedillo gives a brief recap at the NYPD 63rd Precinct Community Council Meeting

May 5


Zoom Out for First In-Person-Only Meeting of the 63rd Precinct Community Council

May 5, 2022

There was a sense of a return to normalcy when it was announced that Zoom and hybrid meetings would be discontinued for the latest gathering of the 63rd Precinct Community Council, but many who would have attended were busy preparing for the wake of the fallen firefighter who recently died in the line of duty.

About two dozen people attended the first in-person-only meeting of the Community Council in over two years on the evening of Wednesday, April 27th at the John Malone Community Center located at 2335 Bergen Avenue. Firefighter Timothy Klein was on everyone’s mind as the absence of police officers preparing for his wake the following day at the McManus Funeral Home on Avenue N was noticeable, but the meeting continued as invited speakers made their announcements.

“Overall, the precinct with the excess of grand larcenies, we are a bit higher than last year as far as crime goes — robberies, grand larceny autos, but also because of the weather,” 63rd Precinct Executive Officer Captain Alexander Cedillo said of the rising crime matching the rising temperatures.

Brooklyn District Attorney representative Alex Gurevich said that his office has a four-week high school internship program starting in July, which they haven’t had for a couple of years due to COVID-19. It includes a stipend and MetroCard. Applications are now open at

Community Board 18 District Manager Sue Ann Partnow announced that the FDNY/Red Cross program, Sound the Alarm, will be giving out free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The Red Cross will install them after you fill out a form and make an appointment by calling 877-733-2767.

“They come with the detectors, put them up where they should be and they’re good for at least 10 years,” she said.

Millennium Development Executive Director Paul Curiale said that upcoming plans with the Department of Transportation (DOT) will include a bike helmet giveaway on Thursday, May 19th in Marine Park.

“DOT is going to come up with 900 or 1,000 helmets to give away,” Curiale said. “Last time, we gave away close to 600 —  I want to break the record.”

Councilwoman Farah Louis introduced new Community Outreach Liaison Ruth Guillaume. She made a number of announcements about the work of her office as well as future plans to raise awareness about sexual violence, especially when it comes to rape culture. She also has plans to create bystander trainings to address the high number of shootings and public safety issues.

Louis said that seniors who live by the Philip Howard apartments at 1655 Flatbush Avenue are having trouble crossing the street and sometimes get hit by cars. She is requesting the DOT add an extra traffic light on Flatbush Avenue.

“We have the longest strip in Flatbush… and we know that it’s very hazardous for our seniors at Philip Howard, so we are working very actively on that,” Louis said.

Brooklyn District Attorney representative Alex Gurevich.
CB 18 District Manager Sue Ann Partnow takes the mike.
Councilwoman Farah Louis has several announcements.

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