May 5


Cops of the Month Recognized For Stolen Car and Gun Arrests

May 5, 2022

Canarsie is mourning the tragic loss of two lives in a fatal house fire on Sunday, April 24th.  At the April 26th meeting of the 69th Precinct Community Council, a moment of silence was held for Timothy Klein, the brave firefighter who lost his life when the ceiling of a Canarsie home collapsed, and Carlos Richards, the man who was trapped inside the home.

Council President Yolaine Ridore said that the 69th Precinct Community Council Job Fair, held on April 14th at the Hebrew Educational Society, was a huge success.  “Over 600 people attended the fair, represented by 61 companies, including government agencies, and some already got jobs.”

Captain Khandakar Abdullah, commanding officer of the 69th Precinct, gave an update on crime statistics. “Crime in Canarsie was at a historic low over the past two years, possibly due to COVID restrictions,” he said.  However, over the recent 28-year period, there were 66 index crimes in the precinct, compared to only 37 in 2020 and 29 in 2021.  “The 10-year average is 61 crimes, so numbers are spiking.”  Felony assaults, burglaries and grand larcenies (including auto theft and store theft) are all up.

He was proud to report that during the precinct’s latest tow operation, 32 vehicles, with forged license plates, were removed from the street, thanks to the great work of the Neighborhood Coordination Officers.  Year to date, 41 arrests have been made in connection to vehicles with forged plates and no registration.

Executive Officer Captain Jared Badillo is in charge of the precinct’s traffic program.  Although the precinct is down 20% in every category, he said that nine pedestrians were struck in the last 28 days, compared to seven last year.  He advised residents to be careful when crossing the street and to look both ways.  “Don’t take it for granted that a car is going to stop at an intersection,” he said, also stating that traffic enforcement officers are addressing double parking and speeding in the area.

There are three Domestic Violence Officers in the 69th Precinct, and Captain Badillo introduced Officer Redford who talked a bit about her work with the Domestic Violence Unit. Redford works closely with Safe Horizon, an organization that offers victims resources, such as an order or protection, counseling and shelter.  “Many victims are afraid to make a complaint against their abuser; my best advice is to speak to a friend or reach out to someone who will listen.”

Two police officers, Field Intelligence Officer Imron Barakat (not present at meeting) and Officer James Faughnan, were recognized for their outstanding police work and were awarded with Cop of the Month awards by Captain Abdullah.

On March 15th, Officer Barakat arrested an individual who was driving with a firearm in his car.  The following day, Barakat was instrumental in making a second arrest – this time, of an individual who had guns and drugs hidden within the dashboard of his car.

Officer Faughnan was recognized for his help in retrieving a stolen car.  On March 28th, he was on routine patrol on the day tour when he responded to a radio call of a stolen vehicle on Glenwood Road and East 92nd Street, Abdullah explained.

The female caller left her vehicle – with her phone inside – for a minute to drop her kids off.  Faughnan was able to track the victim’s phone and follow her stolen car into the 67th Precinct where three individuals were apprehended on Church Avenue.

Both officers were applauded for their hard work and dedication in keeping Canarsie safe.

The next meeting of the 69th Precinct Community Council will be held at the Hebrew Educational Society, 9502 Seaview Avenue, on Tuesday, May 31st at 8 p.m.

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