August 15


Thoroughfare Remains A Nightmare In Southeast Canarsie

August 15, 2022

For years, the span along Seaview Avenue, from East 102nd Street to East 108th Street, has been an eyesore.

Despite the sporadic community cleanups and attempts at maintaining the strip, which includes a bike path (sadly used for others to dump their trash in passing), the area remains litter-strewn and unkempt.
The Canarsie Courier recently captured images of a recreational vehicle (RV), which appears to be filled with garbage, that’s been parked at the dead end near East 108th Street, along with several flatbed trucks along the infrequently used bike lane.
In addition to the dumping and abandoned cars, the medians north of the disastrous conditions are plagued with overgrown weeds and dying brush that hasn’t been maintained by the city in years.
Officials have not succeeded in keeping the area clean, and police officers with the 69th Precinct advised residents at a recent Build the Block meeting of the challenges that come with hauling away large autos anywhere in the command, as special tow units are needed as well as space in the parking lots where abandoned vehicles are stored.
Simultaneously, Fresh Creek Civic Association President Maria Garrett has spearheaded various initiatives to keep the area clean, and she has been filing 311 complaints/tickets to try and tackle the problem. Her neighbors have also been calling 311 in an effort to get things moving.
Many are still asking for “No Dumping” signage. Action is needed from the Department of Sanitation as well as the Department of Transportation, but nothing has been done thus far since there are also no fines currently imposed on those contributing to the wreckage along the street.
Hopefully all of the 311 complaints that have also been placed will be answered and our community will clean up its act!

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