August 15


Hundreds Attend Canarsie Reunion At Pier

August 15, 2022

Former and current residents of Canarsie and the Bayview Houses gathered together at the Canarsie Pier for the annual “Jungle Juice” reunion on Saturday, August 13th.

Old Canarsiens traveled from many different places, including other cities, to spend the day barbecuing, drinking and dancing to the tunes of a professional DJ, hired for the entire day.
There was chicken, burgers and hot dogs galore on the barbecue grill and everything was definitely tasty.
There was also a box of assorted peanuts for everyone, definitely unusual at a barbecue party, but it worked with a beer or two.
What made this year’s reunion really special was that those who moved out of Canarsie as teenagers came back with their kids and grandkids!
The party lasted to the wee hours of the night, with some staying until midnight. Throughout the day, there must have been over 200 who came to party and reconnect with old friends.
If that’s not a success, then what is?

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