November 21


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Community Council Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner At South Shore Manor

November 21, 2022

Residents of New South Shore Manor, 1041 East 83rd Street, were treated to Thanksgiving dinner one week early, compliments of the 69th Precinct Community Council and Power Guard Pest Control who partnered with them.

Assemblywoman Jaime Williams and Community Board 18 District Manager Sue Ann Partnow joined several uniformed officers from the 69th Precinct, on Thursday, November 10th, and served plates of hot, delicious food to 70 men and women at the facility. The meal included turkey, chicken, pasta, rice and beans, vegetables, fruits, pumpkin pie and cake.

A resident named Seanell was especially thankful. He said, “This is my birthday so it’s like a double celebration.” Gardy Brazela, president of the 69th Precinct Community Council, expressed his delight that the group was able to provide the meals. “The Council has been hosting Thanksgiving dinner since 2014. There is a great need at South Shore Manor, and we are happy to assist,” he told the Canarsie Courier.

Reverend Gesner Sagesse from the 69th Precinct Clergy Council and representatives from Canarsie Lions and Brooklyn Transition Lions assisted the group with serving the meals and cleanup afterwards.

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