November 14


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Commanding Officer Honored At Awards Dinner

November 14, 2022

Captain Khandakar Abdullah, Commanding Officer of the 69th Precinct, recently added another well-deserved accolade to his impressive resume. At an awards dinner held on October 28th, the 15-year, law enforcement veteran and first Bangladeshi American to become a Police Captain as well as a Precinct Commander was named Commanding Officer of the Year and was honored by the Bangladesh American Police Association (BAPA).

The gala was attended by 600 guests, scores of whom comprised officers of the 69th Precinct, elected officials of Canarsie, as well as their constituents, who “brought the house down” when their beloved Captain, a six-time recipient of citations for Meritorious Police Duty, was introduced.
Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse attended the event and expressed her pride at having an officer of Captain Abdullah’s caliber serving in her district. “I want to give a special shout-out to 69th Precinct Captain Khandakar Abdullah, one of three extraordinary commanding officers we have serving the 46th district, for the personal invite to attend and congratulate him on being named “Commanding Officer of the Year.”
Sixty-ninth Precinct Community Council President Gardy Brazela spoke on behalf of the Canarsie delegation. “Captain Abdullah is a hardworking individual. He works hand in hand with the community. Commanding Officer of the Year was overdue. I am delighted to see so many people come out to support him.”
Captain Abdullah, who on previous occasions also received numerous citations for outstanding leadership and exemplary contributions to society, told the packed house, “What a privilege and an honor it is to be here today, accepting such a prestigious award!” The husband and father of three thanked his family “for putting up with me and being by my side through it all.”
The Captain also acknowledged the officers under his command. “Thank you to my other family, the 69th Precinct. You guys are phenomenal! Just outstanding! Doing all that is asked and then some. I’m so incredibly proud to be your Commanding Officer. It’s on your behalf I accept this award.” Abdullah gave a special shout-out to Officer Michael Sidorskiy who had suffered a near-fatal accident last year but still came out to support him. “Thank you, Michael,” the emotional Captain said.
To the Canarsie residents in attendance, Abdullah said, “I love you guys for the faith and trust the Canarsie community put in me, in my role as Precinct Commander. You support me in my mission. You are there for me every step of the way – possibly my biggest cheerers after my own family.”
Mayor Eric Adams congratulated BAPA on their accomplishments. “Continue to actively involve yourselves in civic responsibility. Continue to move up in the ranks and participate in the hierarchy of the police department,” the former police officer encouraged.

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