November 21


Senator Persaud Hosts Turkey Giveaway In Time For Thanksgiving

November 21, 2022

On Friday afternoon, November 18th the sidewalk outside 1222 East 96th Street got crowded quickly, as hundreds of SD 19 constituents converged at State Senator Roxanne Persaud’s office, expecting to receive a free turkey. The giveaway was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. but by noon, a line leading from the building’s entrance had already wound its way down the block and around the corner to the middle of Avenue J.

Hundreds of turkeys were distributed to those who pre-registered online, as the flyer sent out from Persaud’s office instructed. Sadly, those who failed to register left empty-handed. As is the case with many commodities, turkeys are in short supply. The senator explained why everyone who showed up did not receive one of the coveted gobblers. “This year we did not receive the quantities we did in previous years.” The disappointed constituents were advised to leave their information and were promised a call the following Monday, should more turkeys become available.

The event was sponsored by community partners Kings Plaza Shopping Center, Local Development Corps of Crown Heights, Nick’s Lobster House, NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, Plaza Auto Mall and Gil Cygler. Persaud thanked them and the many volunteers who packed hampers, signed up residents, distributed literature and, in other ways, contributed to the success of her annual turkey giveaway.

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