November 21


Community Groups Host Joint Fete For Seniors

November 21, 2022

The flyer said it all – “We Own The Night.” And that was exactly the message sent by the seniors who attended the standing- (or should we say squeezing-) room-only Day Party thrown for them by The New York Multicultural Restaurant and Nightlife Chamber of Commerce Inc., on November 11th.

The jam session was sponsored by Humana and held in association with the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, Dominican Veterans of America, other NYPD units and K&L Manor, at 4501 Glenwood Road, where it all went down!

Thankfully, many of the seniors had the presence of mind to bring along their walkers. However, neither that nor the tight space prevented them from doing their thing. After all, who could resist the call to “Come on Baby, Let’s Do the Twist?” From the “twist, twist, twist” contorted moves some busted on the dance floor (or at least tried to), one could only imagine what they were like in their youth.

No worries though. Soon afterwards, a nearby clique was overheard discussing BENGAY, as they clutched the green tote stuffed with health insurance information they received from Humana upon entering.

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