October 24


Senator Persaud Honors 24 Exceptional Individuals At Annual Power 19 Ceremony

October 24, 2022

On Tuesday, October 18th, State Senator Roxanne Persaud hosted the 2022 Power 19 Awards Ceremony at the Paerdegat Squadron Yacht Club in Canarsie. Twenty-four people from Senate District 19 were presented with this distinguished award based upon their exceptional work in the communities in which they live, work and serve. These community leaders have contributed to the District’s growth through service, socio-economic development, advocacy, academic excellence and community empowerment.
The honorees included police officers, principals, nurses, students, staff of local social service organizations and volunteers. One very special honoree was the Canarsie Courier’s freelance writer, Brenda Cox.
“Each year, I host the Power 19 Awards Ceremony to recognize individuals living, working or otherwise serving in Senate District 19 who, through their innate selflessness, help make our community more compassionate and resilient,” Senator Persaud said. “I’m proud to commend this year’s 24 honorees and recognize the tangible differences they make in New Yorkers’ lives.”
The following individuals were recognized:
Lauren Au, NYPD Police Officer; John Banks, Principal; Julia Bove, Superintendent, District 22; Phyllis Brockett, former resident leader; Brenda Cox, freelance journalist; Akeem Francis, social services; Wanda Gowins, community volunteer; Hector Juarbe, social services; Lisa Louise Kenner, resident leader; Justianna Kubersky, educator; Samuel Maria, NYPD Police Officer; Barbara McFadden, resident leader; Barry McRae, community volunteer; Jenise Narvaez, education; Heather Newman, Principal; Ashmeed Paltoo, NYPD Police Officer; Thomas Podd, NYPD Police Officer; Evelyn D. Pugh, education; Dr. Sandra Scott, healthcare; Samuel Shaya, NYPD Detective; Dawn Simon, marketing professional; Melonie Veras, student; Mike Volpe, social services; and Dylan Washington, student.

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