April 10


Renovate to Elevate: Modernize Breukelen Houses Community Center Now

April 10, 2023


The Breukelen Houses Community Center, originally built generations ago, is a vital resource for the community and in desperate need of renovations. Its outdated facilities and lack of modern amenities, such as a technology room, are hindering the community’s ability to reach its full potential.

As Borough President, Eric Adams supported residents’ calls to revitalize the center, and now it’s time to hold him accountable. The current state of the center deprives seniors and teens of the vital opportunities for activities and socialization they so desperately need. This community deserves better.
The foundation of the interior is deteriorating. A modernized center would provide a safe space for residents to learn, grow and engage in educational programs. It would also help address the mental health needs of the community, which have been largely ignored for far too long.
The current state of the center is hindering the growth of the community. The lack of technology and education-related classes puts residents at a disadvantage, making it harder for them to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
During my conversation with Nigel Dupree, president of the Resident Association, he shared a key example of the positive impact a renovated community center could have. He was involved in a coding program that helped get kids off the streets and gave them an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment. Imagine what a fully modernized center could do for the entire community.
The Breukelen Houses Community Center is much more than just a building. It is a symbol of potential progress. We must work toward a modernized center that can provide essential resources for growth, education and mental health. We owe it to ourselves and our community to ensure that our facilities reflect the needs and potential of the people they serve. Let’s hold our leaders accountable and make this a reality.
Author’s Note – congratulations to the newly elected Breukelen Houses Board Members: Stacey Thomas, Luis Rivera, Paul Hicks, Jasmine Rivera, Mary Smalls and Roxanne Criam.

– Jibreel Jalloh is a community activist. He founded and runs a Canarsie-based advocacy
organization which has fought for a range of investments. You can learn more at
theflossy.org and follow on social media @TheFlossyOrg. Jibreel graduated from Baruch
College (CUNY) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at New York University.

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