April 3


Georgetown – A Hoppy Easter at Brooklyn’s Home for the Holidays

April 3, 2023

There’s never “too much” Easter at Brooklyn’s Home for the Holidays.

The two-story, single-family house is currently all decorated for Easter, complete with dozens of eggs, bushels of carrots and thousands of sparkling lights. Located at 1102 East 72nd Street in Georgetown, you’ll find huge decoration displays for every holiday at Brooklyn’s Home for the Holidays.

There are families of chicks, yellow and happy, sitting in the center of the front lawn next to rainbow-colored eggs. A carrot patch sprouts out of the lawn on the far right, with a hand-built, seven-foot-long carrot lying in the center. Small light-up rabbits hang out around the patch, eying both the carrots and passersby. To top it all off, bright pink and purple string lights zigzag across the hand railings of the front stairs, all the way up to the front door.

Of course, the star of the show is the homemade jumbo Easter basket sitting on the far left of the yard. The body is made out of a white lattice, with pastel eggs hanging from the handle and the lip of the basket.

Colorful block letters across the front spell out, “Happy Easter,” and a yellow blow-up “Peeps” chick sits atop green plastic filler. Large Easter candies surround it on the lawn, including chocolate bunnies and Hershey’s kisses.

“The kids really enjoy it,” Austin Ferrazzano, the 21-year-old decorator who invents the displays, said. “My first night, Sunday, I wasn’t even planning on lighting it up because I was just finishing up, but as soon as I lit it, throughout the night, five or six different families all showed up and were looking forward to it.”

Community members know about Ferrazzano’s decorations and come out to see them every holiday. One such person was Georgetown resident Angela and her young son.

“It just makes it really nice,” she said. “It stands out in the neighborhood.”

She said her favorite part of his display was the entranceway, where string lights lead the viewer’s eyes to an Easter bunny statue at the top of the stairs and more light-up decorations that frame the front door.

Ferrazzano’s favorite aspect is anything he made himself — the basket, the candies, the carrot patch. Overall, though, his favorite thing about the display is making others happy.

“I’m very blessed to be able to create these displays, not only for my own enjoyment but for the people,” he said. “They’ve really appreciated what I do for the community and what I do to create the memories for their families.”

The Easter display will be lit every night from around 7 p.m. until about 10:30 p.m. until Easter, and possibly for a few days afterward. The next display will be for the Fourth of July.

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