June 7


WP Gets the Job Done

June 7, 2023

What’s in a name or, in this case, an initial? The answer depends on who you ask. For Wendy Pena, owner of the newly opened WP Hair & Nails Salon, at 9014 Avenue B, her name or more specifically her initials, WP, denote a lot.

To self-made Pena, WP symbolizes strength and importance – in her words “Woman Power,” an ethos she adopted at a tender age while working under strong women who mentored her – a quality she hopes to inculcate in her young female employees. “At the salon in Manhattan where I worked, they gave me an opportunity and allowed me to grow. I want to provide the same opportunities for the young girls of Canarsie,” she stated.
Pena, who grew up just blocks from her salon on Avenue B, has owned and operated Charles Hair Studio, located at 417 East 70th Street in Manhattan, for nearly 20 years. The successful entrepreneur hails from a family of entrepreneurs. Her dad and brother own and run A & C Coffee Shop, a neighborhood fixture for decades, just two doors from WP Hair & Nails Salon.
Like Charles Hair Studio, WP Hair & Nails Salon is a full-service establishment, specializing in hand and foot care, hair repair and extensions, wigs, waxing, eyelashes and more. The smiling and effervescent manager, Dwaine, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to WP Hair & Nails Salon, having worked in that industry with various companies for decades. The well-picked manager showed the Canarsie Courier around the aesthetically pleasing salon as he talked about WP’s products and services. “All of our product line is basically for Afro Caribbean,” he stated. “We’re going to have a Dominican who does blowouts and roller sets. One of our girls is Jamaican. She does nail art, braids, braiding down for wigs as well as sourcing wigs for clients. And our coloring is hands down the best!” he said with the utmost confidence.
If you are looking for a first-class salon, visit WP Hair & Nails Salon at 9014 Avenue B. Contact them at 347-365-3245.

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