February 7


Word Games Come in Many Variants – Here are Some of our Favourites

February 7, 2023

The first one we can think of is Wordle, it is an exceptional word game for many reasons. It’s addictive and surprisingly deep. There are several games that feature word recognition and spelling in some way, but fortunately, there are enough distinct characteristics in the best, like Wordle, to keep you interested for quite some time. But your game time will be cut short if you don’t have a couple of other word games to play in the meantime.


Wordle Unlimited is a game that you can play in your browser. You are given a set of words and have to rearrange them until they form the correct word. The more words you finish with, the better your score will be, which is displayed at the top of the screen. You will soon notice that there are plenty of levels to complete and a lot of fun to be had.


This is a game that’s very similar to Wordle. You are given a number of words, and the aim is to create the correct word by joining them together. The more words you manage to link together correctly, the higher your score will be and the faster your progress will be. You can play Dordle on Facebook, so it’s easy to pick up and play whenever you have a minute or two free–even when you’re away from your computer.


7 Little Words is a relatively new game, but it’s already very popular. As you might guess from the title, seven little words can be found on each level. The aim is to spot the seven words and then click on them in the correct order. To help with this task, you have a set of letters that can be dragged and dropped into place. As with Dordle and Wordle, there are plenty of levels to complete, but this game also features a social element.


As with Wordle, this game is a word recognition game. The premise is pretty simple–you are given a set of letters, and it’s your job to spell the most obscure word for each level. The difference with Quordle is that it’s a spelling game, like spelling bee and you have to spell the words correctly. This doesn’t sound very difficult, but if you are not a good speller, you will find it more difficult than Wordle!


This game is unique because it’s not a word game at all. Instead, you are presented with a series of words and need to select the correct one from the multiple-choice list. This is surprisingly difficult, as there are always a small number of possibilities for each word. It is similar to Wordle, or Scrabble but instead of unscrambling jumbles, Vocab Genius is different because you have to select the correct word from a list of four. This makes it much more challenging, as you’re unable to apply the same logic that you would in other vocabulary-building games.

When you start to play these games, you will find that they are more challenging than you expect. Wordle is one of the easiest games in this batch, but it’s still quite taxing. Other games like Quordle and Vocab Genius are much more difficult, requiring you to use your brain cells a little more. Don’t be afraid to try these games–they don’t take up much time, and they offer great value for money.

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