April 14


We’re Back!

April 14, 2022

The songs and skills of the H.E.S. Music School students have returned to the stage! On Sunday, March 6th, the H.E.S. Music School held its first in-person recital since the pandemic began two years ago.  

Performers and audience members alike shared in their excitement at the opportunity to participate in a live event. Despite the effects of the pandemic, the H.E.S. Music School has been in operation continuously since the onset of COVID-19. 

Students of all ages and skill levels performed on a wide variety of instruments, from violins and cellos to pianos, drums and much more.  

Many students took online lessons, and there have been four virtual recitals. Now that the majority of students have returned to the building to continue their music studies, it is once again time to enjoy the magic that only a live performance can generate. The Hebrew Educational Society is located at 9502 Seaview Avenue in Canarsie. If you are interested in taking lessons at the Music School, please email Music Director, Natalie Holsman, at natalieh@thehes.org 

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