February 15


U.S. Congressman, Local Pols Intervene to Prevent Gang Violence 

February 15, 2022

Gang violence is plaguing Canarsie, crime statistics have put residents on edge and elected officials are calling for the end to senseless gang and gun violence.

On Thursday, February 10th, elected officials and community residents gathered at the 69th Precinct, located at 9720 Foster Avenue, for the second Gang Violence and Prevention meeting.

The forum, which was led by 69th Precinct Community Council President Gardy Brazela, denounces the senseless violence that has claimed the lives of too many Canarsie teens   “We have to stand together against the surging gun violence in our community,” Brazela told attendees.  “Together we can make a difference.”

A group of elected officials, including Congressman Hakeem Jefferies, State Senator Roxanne Persaud, Assemblywoman Jaime Williams and the Chief of Staff from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office were in attendance. “It is time for Congress to take action and shut down drill music,” a Brownsville anti-gang violence counselor told attendees.

Many activists and community leaders believe there must be other services and programs for teenagers, which were discussed in detail and included after-school programs, trade skills, mentorship and leadership programs – all which can help at-risk teens.

The group is asking for more resources for teens in the area, and many said they feel left out with the lack of resources necessary to combat gang violence. They are demanding that Mayor Eric Adams fully fund anti-gang initiatives for Canarsie.

The forum also plans on inviting at-risk teens to future meetings to help put them on the right track.

The 69th Precinct Community Council looks forward to meeting with NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, Mayor Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks in the upcoming weeks to develop further plans to combat gang violence.

The next Gang Awareness meeting will be held sometime in March; the date will be announced soon.

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