September 19


Train Enthusiasts Take a Ride Into the Past

On September 9-10th, passengers got the opportunity to ride on vintage trains, running from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Kings Highway and Brighton Beach stations along the “B” and “Q” lines. It was all part of the New York Transit Museum’s “Parade of Trains” celebration.

Riders enjoyed the 20-minute, round-trip journey into the past, while sitting on rattan seats and holding onto leather straps and handholds – all for the price of a MetroCard. Some of the vintage cars included the BU Gate Cars, BRT/BMT Standards and IND R1/9s, all from the Transit Museum’s collection.
Train enthusiasts from all over came to ride the historic train cars – one passenger hailed from as far away as Babylon, Long Island.

Photos by Charles Jones

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