April 30


The Brooklyn Nets Visit P.S. 236, Sponsored by EVERFI!

April 30, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 19

(April 19, 2024)

On March 18th, the Brooklyn Nets came to P.S. 236, sponsored by EVERFI, which helps students find a great career. Basketball player Cam Johnson from the Nets visited P.S. 236!

This new EVERFI program was a success. EVERFI provides unrivaled cloud-based digital courses which students can grow in. Many students found new job ideas. Students got to go through many different careers and find some job descriptions they would want to try and some that aren’t for them. When students say if they like or dislike a job, information gets added to their field guide. Mrs. Goodman, the P.S. 236 technology teacher, said, “I think all the students enjoyed this program. It was a great success!”

First, Cam Johnson did some STEAM trivia that the participants learned during the EVERFI program. If the students got a question correct, they got a free Nets shirt as a prize! After the trivia, students were able to ask Cam Johnson some questions about being a basketball player. They all had great questions to ask him. Sophie T., a student who is working in the program, said, “I liked the program.  It was fun to experience and I had a great time being in a group experiencing it together!”

Some students were sad they didn’t get to answer a question and get a prize, though as a surprise the Nets decided to give everyone a Brooklyn Nets shirt anyway! The students doing this program enjoyed trying all these different career options and the special visit from the Nets. It seems like everybody had a great time with this experience!

Charlotte P. is a 5th-grade student at P.S. 236 Mill Basin School and a member of the P.S. 236 Newspaper Club.  Charlotte is a reporter for the school’s online newspaper, The P.S. 236 Times.

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