March 20


Teen Takeover is Here!

The Brooklyn Public Library wants to encourage Brooklyn teenagers to visit and utilize their local libraries, so it started the Teen Takeover program in several pilot locations, including the Canarsie Library, at 1580 Rockaway Parkway. Teen Takeover events are held after the library closes and are organized entirely by teens.
The Canarsie Library’s new Young Adult Librarian Harmony Birch and its Technology Resource Specialist Emaliy Jones put together a Teen Takeover Advisory Committee, consisting of local teens that organize monthly after-hours events for teens only (the first event was a pizza party, but that was a trial run because the advisory committee wasn’t totally in place yet).
The Canarsie Library’s second event – Teen Disco Night – was held on Friday night, March 17th, at 6:15 p.m. (after the library closed at 6 p.m.). The disco-themed night included music, games, raffles, free food and drinks and was a big success with the teens.
BPL’s Manager of Teen Programs Yosenex Orengo also attended the Teen Disco night to provide mentorship for the teens. He told the Canarsie Courier, “The main goal of this program is to bring teens back to the library after the pandemic.”
Canarsie teenagers are invited to take part in this new and exciting program. Check with the library or the Canarsie Courier for details on future events.

Photos by Frantzy Pierre

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