September 1


Summer 2022 Outdoor Cinema Series A Success!

September 1, 2022

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for supporting my first and final Summer 2022 Outdoor Cinema Events which were both produced and curated by youth in the Breukelen Houses and Bayview Houses in Canarsie! I’m very happy to share that both events (August 19th and August 21st) had an increase in youth attendance and attendance overall! We still have plenty of room for growth, but I’m so happy to have seen a positive improvement despite a few tech hiccups. There are more events to come in the Fall…stay tuned!
A big thanks to the following supporters:
Thank you Breukelen Cornerstone ( PAL) and Bayview Community Center (Millennium Development) for hosting PaleFO Cinema with open arms while extending your SUPER staff that supported me before and way after each event.
Thank you community-based youth artist Juan Leonardo for serenading us with your vocals and guitar at both Bayview screenings and for being a great supporter from the beginning. Also to Darius, aka Henny Huncho, who I hope to present to you all at a future screening.
Without you, none of this is possible! Thank you for showing up and bringing a friend or family member! I also want to thank those of you that shared suggestions for an even better cinema experience and those of you that helped to set up and break down voluntarily.
Thank you to PSA1 for keeping movie attendees and staff safe at all times while being great moviegoers. Your enthusiasm for the films and genuine joy witnessing cinema events in our community was very apparent.

A special shout out to Man Up! for showing up with giveaways for our audience at Breukelen Cornerstone on the Friday, August 19th movie screening! It was a most welcomed surprise that we all appreciated, as well as SYEP staff that did an amazing job distributing PaleFO Cinema flyers throughout the community. That said, thank you to all my supporters that have been reposting my events on their newsletters, social media and word of mouth: CCDI, Rockaway Parkway Merchants Association, Brooklyn Community Foundation, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience, suggestions for a movie in the future, how to make your cinema experience better and any beneficial partnerships.
If you are interested in collaborating with guitarist Juan Leonardo, please reach out.
Connect with me on Instagram, @cinema_captain, to see more of this important mission and my journey of bringing back cinema to Canarsie, my childhood home.

Courtesy of Eileen Level
Founder, PaleFO Cinema
Social Arts Practitioner | Social Impact Entrepreneur
Alumna ’22, School of Media Studies, The New School

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