June 3


Spring Performance Showcase Showdown 

June 3, 2022

Positivity, happiness and gatherings couldn’t have come at a better time last week in light of the horrendous school shooting in Texas where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

Students from The Meyer Levin School for the Performing Arts showcased their diligent work and dedication for three riveting days at the Canarsie Educational Campus, 1600 Rockaway Parkway. The Meyer Levin School strives for “Excellence Without Excuses,” with a focus on students’ academic achievement, social activism and performing capabilities.

On May 23rd, the Visual Arts Team began by dancing in praise of rejoicing, reflection and to inspire. On day two, the chorus and concert band showcased their vocal abilities by singing songs of hope. The last day was an extravaganza of the Caribbean-inspired sound of steel band instruments and Caribbean and theater performances. The students used their words to highlight current affairs that affect them and their peers. Daisy Rodriguez, the theater teacher, explained, “Tonight, the students will perform spoken word pieces. The spoken word pieces are dealing with social issues currently happening, and the students are tackling issues such as discrimination and racism.” As the show went on, artwork that the 7th and 8th students created was displayed throughout the auditorium.

What made these nights so memorable for the faculty was that the students hadn’t been able to perform live in three years. Principal Jamie Hendrickson expressed her emotions to the Canarsie Courier, “I am extremely proud and happy to be part of these great teachers and students who appreciate the arts because it really makes us beautiful people.”

The Meyer Levin School for the Performing Arts is located at 5909 Beverley Road in East Flatbush.

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