February 26


Solidarity in the Heart of New York: Flag-Raising Event Marks Second Anniversary of Ukraine Invasion

February 26, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 09

In a solemn yet uplifting ceremony, a flag-raising event was held at Manhattan’s Bowling Green park on the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war. The seemingly endless war prompted a powerful show of solidarity and support, as Mayor Eric Adams, alongside various dignitaries and local officials, raised both the American and Ukrainian flags on Saturday, February 24th.

The event also witnessed the presence of numerous NYPD officers of Ukrainian descent, to show support while ensuring public safety.

The ceremony symbolized not only a moment of remembrance but a testament to the strong spirit of the Ukrainian people – resilience, hope and unwavering courage in the face of adversity. New York City, home to the largest Ukrainian community, stands as a steadfast ally, reflecting the core values of unity and for peace.

Mayor Adams, declaring NYC the Kyiv of America, affirmed unwavering support for the Ukrainian cause. He presented a proclamation to UN Ambassador Sergíy Kyslytsya, recognizing the Ukrainian immigrant contribution to the city and the USA.

In a rousing speech, Mayor Adams praised the Ukrainian people for their resilience in the face of adversity: “They thought they would walk in and destroy your spirit, and you [Ukrainian people] showed that you may bend but never break.” He acknowledged the long-standing Ukrainian presence in New York, dating back to the 17th century, and proudly mentioned from “Little Odessa” in Brooklyn to “Little Ukraine” in the East Village. “Raising the flag today is raising our spirit, our unity, our solidarity with the Ukrainian people,” he declared. The Mayor’s Proclamation hailed the Ukrainian communities throughout the five boroughs for enhancing life in this diverse city.

Natalia Travilina, whose non-profit organization, Trana Relief Association, serves the large Ukrainian refugee population in Brooklyn, remembers the day the war began. “We continue to stand with the Ukrainian people, bridging communities, offering support as they rebuild their lives, navigating the challenges of displacement and loss caused by this ongoing war.”

As both American and Ukrainian flags were raised, Viktoriya Vennikova, Honored Artist of Ukraine, who herself fled the war-torn country, sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the Ukrainian National Anthem.  Attendees called out “Slava Ukraini – Glory to Ukraine” and “Geroyim Slava – Glory to the Heroes,” sending a powerful message from New York to Ukraine and around the world.

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