June 13


Smoke Signals: Climate Change Demands Immediate Action

June 13, 2023

As the smoke from the recent wildfires in Canada subsides, we must recognize the urgency of addressing climate change. The impact of this crisis on our community serves as a stark reminder of the need for immediate action. In response to the crisis, The Flossy Organization, Man Up! Inc., Office of Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse, Millennium Development, and the Breukelen and Bayview Tenant Associations united to distribute over 1,000 masks, exemplifying the power of community. However, it is essential to acknowledge that simply handing out masks is not enough.
The Canadian wildfires left millions of people trapped under a blanket of noxious smog, highlighting the dire consequences of our changing climate. Inhalation of these pollutants can have severe health consequences, especially for vulnerable groups. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory issues and chronic illnesses. The urgency to protect our community’s health and future cannot be overstated.
Scientists warn that more severe and frequent wildfires are likely as our planet warms. The magnitude of the recent fires in Canada is alarming. It is clear that climate change poses a significant threat to our environment and the well-being of our communities.
To address this crisis, urgent action is required at all levels of government. We must push for strong climate policies that prioritize sustainability, reduce emissions and transition to renewable energy sources. It is imperative to hold large corporations accountable for their contribution to climate change and demand responsible practices that mitigate environmental harm.
We must advocate for comprehensive solutions and demand swift action to tackle the root causes of climate change. By mobilizing our collective power, we can drive change and create a sustainable future for generations to come. Let us come together, demand accountability and work toward a world where the well-being of our planet and communities is prioritized.
– Jibreel Jalloh is a community organizer and activist. He founded and leads a Canarsie-based advocacy organization which has fought for a range of investments. You can learn more at theflossy.org and follow on social media @TheFlossyOrg. Jibreel graduated from Baruch College (CUNY) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at New York University.


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