February 22


Slain Canarsie Rapper Laid to Rest

February 22, 2022

Friends, family and fans attended the wake and funeral of TDott Woo, the up-and-coming rapper who was fatally shot outside his Canarsie home on February 1st.

The 22-year-old rapper, whose given name is Tahjay Dobson, a rising star in the hip-hop community, was shot in his head and left knee, a few hours after signing a record deal with Million Dollar Records (see “Rapper Gunned Down Hours After Signing Record Deal,” Canarsie Courier, February 10, 2022).

Last Thursday, a hearse transferred the  young man’s body to a white, horse-drawn carriage near his home, at 9802 Avenue L, where mourners gathered on the street, distraught over losing another young person headed for stardom but whose life was cut short before he had the chance to succeed.

The horse-drawn carriage took Dobson’s body to Guarino Funeral Home, 9222 Flatlands Avenue, where the wake was held.

On Friday, a funeral was held at the No Limit Beulah Sabbath Pentecostal Church, 5417 Avenue N.

After TDott Woo was shot, he was taken to Brookdale Hospital, but he didn’t survive his severe injuries. A friend of the late Canarsie rapper, Pop Smoke, TDott Woo appeared in Pop Smoke’s 2019 hit song, “Welcome to the Party” and was known for his dance moves, including the Woo Walk or Woo Dance.  Pop Smoke was shot to death on February 19, 2020, coincidentally one day after TDott Woo’s funeral, two years later.

Apparently, the rapper was lured outside his home by a phone call according to TDott Woo’s grieving grandmother.  A vigil attended by friends, family and members of the 69th Precinct Clergy Council was held outside his home on February 5th (see “Vigil For Up-And-Coming Rapper Who Was Shot Dead Outside Canarsie Home,” Canarsie Courier, February 10, 2022).  The candlelight vigil served as a tribute to TDott Woo’s life and to encourage and strengthen his grieving family and the community.

Photos by Boris Gorin and Michael Wright 

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