July 11


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Community Council Introduces New Commanding Officer at Monthly Meeting

July 11, 2023

On Tuesday, June 27th, the 69th Precinct Community Council held its final monthly meeting at the Hebrew Educational Society (H.E.S.), 9502 Seaview Avenue, before breaking for summer. Council President Gardy Brazela introduced a new Commanding Officer, Captain Christopher Trinchese, whose most recent deployment was at the 71st Precinct. Captain Trinchese greeted the packed room and gave a rundown of the “great work” the men and women of the 69th Precinct accomplished “in the last 28 days alone,” which resulted in a significant reduction in crime in the community.

Two officers were recognized for outstanding service. Police Officers Ioana Matiuta and Bashir Hassan each received the Cop of the Month Award. On two separate occasions, the officers conducted a car stop, the first, on East 93rd Street, for a defective headlight. Trinchese disclosed, “Further investigation led to the discovery of a 9mm Ruger firearm that was also stolen and loaded.” The motorist was apprehended and charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm.
On May 31st, Matiuta and Hassan again conducted a car stop on the corner of Smith Lane and Rockaway Parkway. A search of the vehicle led to the recovery of a 380-caliber firearm. That motorist was also apprehended and charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. “Two guns off the street! And one stolen too!” the new Commanding Officer exclaimed.
Assemblywoman Jaime Williams (AD 59) congratulated the officers and gave brief remarks as did representatives from the offices of State Senator Roxanne Persaud (SD 19) and Councilwoman Farah Louis (D-45).
The first person who spoke once the floor was opened expressed her gratitude to the officers for their help in resolving two issues she had. But a couple others complained about police behavior that was unsettling to them. One reported she discovered, only from looking at her camera, “that cops [had] entered my yard with guns drawn.” The East 84th Street resident said she has no idea why. “Someone should tell me something,” she demanded. Another attendee expressed his dismay regarding the manner of the officer at the front desk when he attempted to report that he had lost his wallet. The gentlemen stated, “He made me feel as though I was a criminal.” Captain Trinchese assured both he would “look into the matter” and provide them with an answer.
A NYPD Young Explorer gave a report about participating in the program and the many opportunities it offers youths. The 17-year-old said that Explorers have weekly meetings with the officers at the precinct and are shown, among other things, various scenarios about interacting with a police officer — one of them being how to behave if pulled over by an officer — a major concern for many parents.

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