September 18


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Clergy Council Welcomes New Commanding Officer

September 18, 2023

On Wednesday, September 13th, the 69th Precinct Clergy Council, led by Reverend Cecil Moonsam, convened at 9720 Foster Avenue to pray after Roll Call, for the safety of the officers, as they usually do. In addition, the Council threw a get-together to welcome the new Commanding Officer, Captain Dion Hinds.
Clergy members took turns showering special prayers and blessings on the new captain and his team. “Today, we want to honor our new C.O.,” Rev. Moonsam, who is also an auxiliary sergeant, told the officers. “As clergy, we’re here to let you know you can talk to us and we will pray for you.”
The reverend then presented Captain Hinds with a plaque from the Clergy Council which read, “Presented To Captain Dion Hinds, Commanding Officer, 69th Precinct. Welcome To Our Precinct And Community. May God Bless You And Guide In All Of Your Endeavors.”

The commanding officer thanked everyone for their generous welcome and good wishes.

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