August 22


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Clergy Council Gather at Canarsie Park for Community Prayer and Praise

August 22, 2023

Reverend Cecil Moonsam, president of the 69th Precinct Clergy Council, must have also prayed for great weather on Saturday, August 19th, because Mother Nature seemed to be beaming down on the group as they gathered in Canarsie Park for an afternoon of “Community Prayer and Praise.”

The annual event, which was formerly referred to as Gospel Splash, brought together Clergy Council members, their congregations, NYPD and the community who prayed for and celebrated the peace and unity of Canarsie. In addition to the many public petitions that were made for elected officials, community leaders, the sick, youths and the NYPD, private prayer sessions were conducted by Chaplain Laurine Joseph-Lofaso, at a nearby booth. There were also various performances including several renditions by the 69th Precinct Marching Band. Clergy Council member, Reverend Gesner Sagesse, belted out “How Great Thou Art” (in French) while being accompanied on the saxophone by a member of his congregation.

Sixty-ninth Precinct Executive Officer Mobeen Yasin and a contingent of auxiliary officers were on hand to support the Clergy Council. Yasin commended the group for their unwavering commitment to assist in maintaining peace and safety in the community, but especially for their blessings and prayers at roll call. “We appreciate you for what you do. The community is safer and better for it,” Yasin shared.

The group distributed religious books and trinkets bearing the Clergy Council’s logo. Resource materials from State Senator Roxanne Persaud’s (SD 19) office were handed out by staffer Jennifer Viechweg-Horsford who also spoke words of encouragement to the youths and invited them to an upcoming back-to-school giveaway at the same location.

The event ended with the singing of the Clergy Council’s theme song “Every Praise” by Bishop Hezekiah Walker and a brief performance on the shofar by Apostle Leeds Jean.

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