October 8


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Clergy Council And Prayer Pact International Unit To Serve Community

October 8, 2022

On Saturday, October 1st, Prayer Pact International Family of Christ, a recently established church in Canarsie, joined with the 69th Precinct Clergy Council to hold a Community Health Fair at 1068 East 94th Street.

Dr. Pastor Jennifer Kennedy, who runs Prayer Pact with Dr. Pastor Jacqueline Francis, said, “We are brand new in the area and this is our way of introducing ourselves to the community, to let them know we are here and not just as a church, but as a servant in the community, to be involved in their needs and to help where help is needed.”
Dr. Jamel Patterson, a retired physician whose specialty is internal medicine, drove in from Connecticut to assist the other medical professionals. The team conducted blood pressure and blood sugar checks, nutrition assessments and gave educational information about diabetes, a disease that plagues the black community and is of grave concern to Janet Sharpe, a registered nurse practitioner, who flew in from Canada.
Representatives from OBH Brookdale and Healthfirst, who were also on hand, gave out flyers containing a plethora of available medical resources, including information about obtaining health insurance. The group also distributed hefty hampers of free groceries, in addition to a liberal supply of personal care products and back-to-school supplies.
Reverend Cecil Moonsam, president of the Clergy Council, welcomed the pastors and expressed his support for their ministry.

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