June 26


Sixty-Ninth Precinct Award Ceremony Says “Thank You” To The Men And Women In Blue 

June 26, 2022

On Thursday, June 16th, the 69th Precinct Clergy Council honored police officers of the 69th Precinct at its Annual Prayer and Awards Dinner, held in the parking lot of Church @ the Rock, 1288 East 92nd Street.

Clergy Council President Rev. Cecil Moonsam was happy to see community and police working together.  “Canarsie is better when the cops, clergy and community all work together and continue to pray in the name of God,” he said.

Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Chief Michael Kemper was the keynote speaker.  He said he was pleased to be back in Canarsie and acknowledged the men and women in blue for their dedication and the great work they do to keep our community safe.

Commanding Officer Captain Khandakar Abdullah addressed the crowd, stressing the importance of working together to decrease gun violence in the 69th Precinct and across the city. He thanked the officers for protecting the residents of Canarsie and fighting crime in Canarsie.

Abdullah presented several awards to members of the 69th Precinct for a job well done.  The officers receiving awards made several arrests that help keep crime under control, including arrests for grand larceny auto and gun possession, among other violent crimes taking place in the confines of the 69th Precinct.

Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse was in attendance to show her support.

The evening concluded with a delicious dinner of grilled salmon and chicken.

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