March 29


Sheepshead Bay – Happy Faces on Kids, Parents and Pancakes at P.S. 312’s First IHOP Fundraiser

March 29, 2024

Trays filled with plates of Happy Face pancakes, milkshakes and all kinds of delicious eats and treats exited the kitchen doors of the IHOP at 2951 Avenue U to serve the steady procession of families who came to participate in their first P.S. 312 fundraiser for their school on Monday, March 25th.

“It’s easy to set it up, but it’s not so easy to make sure people come,” Parents Association (PA) board member Lauren Callahan said. But after working with IHOP’s outreach and fundraising manager, Danielle Altamirano, they were able to fill 43 tables and generate over $500 for their school between the hours of 3 and 10 p.m., allowing plenty of time for family and friends to gather and have a good time.

The restaurant generously donated 20% of all sales back to the school as long as customers brought in one of the printed flyers. IHOP’s owner, Victor Artieda, has fundraising events for local schools booked every Monday until the end of June and has supported the community through donations, gift cards and these events.

“Everyone I know is here and I get to eat with my friends,” Callahan’s son, Jayden, 6, said. He had a hearty plate of fried chicken on a waffle and hopes the school buys more ice cream with the money they raised.

Fourth-graders Madelyn Muslu and her friend Madison Alvarez, both 9, said they’ve never been to this IHOP  before and it was really nice. Alvarez said she really thought about it and she’d like to see the money used for safety or entertainment expenses at the school.

“Families loved it — families seeing each other, kids seeing each other — it was a wonderful congregation,” Altamirano said. Callahan said that the parents and kids hope they have another event.

Even the staff were happy. Although many of the meals were discounted because there were so many kids meals purchased, the staff received good tips, which meant that the parents were happy too.

Many of the parents told Altamirano that it was their first time there, but they’d be back. “They loved the cleanliness, service, food and the fact that there was parking,” she said. “So, we had a lot of positive feedback.”

The IHOP manager said that a lot of people still don’t know that they’re there no matter how much they advertise, but word is starting to get around on social media and by word of mouth. She said these events fill up the place so it’s a win-win for everyone.

P.S. 312 PA board members Amanda Ramirez (treasurer), Amie Marino, (co-recording secretary), Lauren Callahan (co-recording secretary), Sandra Rella (co-president), Christine Eddi (co-president), Tamara Telefort (co-corresponding secretary) and Andrea Hinds (co-corresponding secretary), with their kids.
Jayden Callahan with his plate of fried chicken on a big fluffy waffle.
Danielle Altamirano promises “Smiles Guaranteed” as she collects receipts and flyers.
Looking good in the neighborhood! Time to chow down and eat!
PA board member Mari Lippel (top left) joins the group, which now includes expanded family members.
Lauren Callahan with son Jayden and friends, Madelyn Muslu and Madison Alvarez.

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