March 12


Sector A in Good Shape with Just a Few Ongoing Issues

March 12, 2022

NYPD Sector Adam Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) David Belkin, a dedicated officer who serves the Bergen Beach and New Mill Basin communities, came prepared to host his quarterly Build the Block meeting on Tuesday, March 8th via zoom. Officer Belkin had plenty of updates to offer on a number of issues pertaining to the community.


Officer Belkin explained that he has been making every effort to crack down on derelict and abandoned vehicles in the neighborhood, particularly those on Bergen Avenue, with massive tow operations, the first of which was scheduled for March 9th. He said that the Department of Sanitation would remove the cars they had marked and that NYPD would take the rest, with another operation planned in coming weeks to pick up any stragglers.


He also announced that there has been a recent spike in stolen vehicles in New Mill Basin, mostly high-end cars and SUVs, attributed to the use of universal key fobs. The devices, which are readily available online and cost as little as $20, allow thieves to unlock almost any car’s doors. He advised the community to park their cars in well-lit areas, in view of surveillance cameras if possible and issued a reminder to never leave cars running, even for short periods of time and to avoid leaving valuables in their cars.


Officer Belkin also explained that police had followed leads from local residents who reported prostitution around Strickland Park and in parking lots along Avenue U in the East 60 Streets, but said that he did not observe any such activity and would continue to remain on the lookout. He said that a porch pirate who had been going around stealing packages in Bergen Beach had been identified thanks to help from members of the community who posted camera footage to social media. In response to the issue of squatters occupying homes in the neighborhood, Officer Belkin encouraged the community to reach out to him at with any addresses in question and said he would investigate and get in touch with the appropriate City agencies.


The next Sector Adam Build the Block meeting will be held in person over the summer, and will be announced on the Precinct’s Twitter account @NYPD63Pct.

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