November 6


Second Annual Turkey Giveaway

November 6, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 45

On November 1st, the Canarsie Merchants Association organized our 2nd Annual Turkey With Trimmings Giveaway, at a different location this year, right in front of Sylk Cove Lounge, a departure from our usual setup in front of Capital One.

The venue change was primarily due to the unpredictable weather conditions. However, our commitment to the community remained unwavering. We were determined to keep our promise of hosting the giveaway on that specified day. As a result, we adapted and made it happen right in front of the business belonging to our merchant member. The shift in location did not escape the notice of our regular community members, who not only noticed but also enthusiastically embraced the change. They were pleasantly surprised by this new approach. We welcomed this change as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of our merchant members and attract the attention of other business owners. The moment we began setting up in the new location, other business owners quickly took notice and expressed their interest.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Peli Firm for their generous donation, which enabled us to purchase turkeys for the community. This contribution is greatly valued, and we are deeply appreciative of it. Our turkey purchase was made through our merchant member, America’s Food Basket.

As soon as community members caught sight of the turkey-filled carts, they eagerly began forming a line, anticipating their share. The giveaway was not limited to just turkey; attendees also received a complete set of seasonings and ingredients to complement their meals. Inside their bags, they found garlic, ginger, celery, green onion, thyme, lemons – everything required to prepare a delicious dinner. By providing them with the essentials, we aim to help them save money and eliminate the need to purchase a turkey for Thanksgiving. The community expressed their gratitude, with some individuals sharing that they were not fortunate enough to purchase one this year. Our mission is to assist in any way we can, and if we can remove some of the stress or burdens, we consider that a successful outcome.

As fast as we started the giving, we quickly ran out of turkeys. The word spread like wildfire, with individuals phoning their friends and family, encouraging them to come and participate in the giveaway. It’s important to note that the turkeys were available while supplies lasted. Afterward, we continued our food distribution efforts, ensuring that those who did not receive a turkey were still able to take something home. Overall, it was a successful day and we are grateful for everyone who made it possible. Thank you to our community partners, Children of the Light Food Pantry and Oak Street Health for your contributions and assistance in this event.

We are thrilled to announce we still have more exciting and engaging events planned for the rest of November. Wednesday, November 8th will be designated as a special Wellness Wednesday in honor of our veterans, a day set aside to express our gratitude for their dedicated service. Our 2nd Annual Community Holiday Meal is scheduled for Wednesday, November 22nd, while the Canarsie Pop-Up Market and our celebration of Small Business Saturday will both take place on November 25th. We encourage everyone to follow us on social media to stay connected and see updates.

Courtesy of Canarsie Merchants Association

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