July 3


Ribbon-Cutting for Canarsie Coffee House ­– an Xperience Like No Other!

July 3, 2023

On Monday, June 19th, also known as Juneteenth, a significant and momentous occasion took place as a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the grand opening of The Xperience Coffee House & Juice Bar, located at 1454 Rockaway Parkway. This eagerly awaited event brought together an array of excited individuals, including community members, elected officials, merchant members and enthusiastic patrons, who were eager to immerse themselves in the offerings of this establishment.

Christopher Lawrence and his team’s dedication and hard work over the past few months have been witnessed firsthand by the merchant association. Christopher joined the merchant association in 2022 when he was in the construction stage of his business. This is his first business venture. He is an active member of the organization and is also a board member, recruiting other local merchants to join the organization.  He attends monthly meetings and receives support from the Business Support Team at Brooklyn Chamber while preparing to launch the business. The grand opening of Xperience is the second new business for one of our members that opened since our incorporation in October 2022.

To see a vision transformed into a fully-fledged business was incredible to witness. The community was equally excited to witness what was next to come on the corridor. On that day, the atmosphere was vibrant and filled with excitement as guests were ready to celebrate this achievement. Everyone gathered together outside as they prepared for the ribbon-cutting. When the ribbon was cut, marking the official opening of The Xperience Coffee House & Juice Bar, cheers erupted from the crowd as they gathered to go inside and place an order. The aroma of freshly baked pastries, brewed coffees, teas and more filled the air as you entered. Everyone was treated to a discount to celebrate the occasion. The grand opening of The Xperience Coffee House & Juice Bar on Juneteenth marked a significant milestone for the community. It represented progress and growth for the future of Canarsie.

Courtesy of Canarsie Merchants Association

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