May 9


Residents Speak Out at 69th Precinct Sector D Meeting

May 9, 2023

Barely over a dozen residents turned out for the 69th Precinct Sector D’s quarterly Build the Block meeting, held on April 27th at the Hebrew Educational Society (H.E.S.), 9520 Seaview Avenue, but they sure had a lot to say about what goes on in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) for Sector D, Gunvinder Singh and Maria Failla, hosted the meeting and answered questions from several exasperated residents regarding ongoing quality-of-life issues such as marijuana smoking, double parking, blocked driveways and late-night parties with blaring music. Residents were encouraged to call their NCOs every time they witnessed an incident and relay as much information as possible.
Sergeant Brian Maher, who attended the meeting along with Lieutenant Sheldon Arrindell, offered residents some self-help tips such as forming a block association or even getting together and signing petitions.
There was a good deal of discussion about activities in Canarsie Park regarding unleashed dogs and unsafe bike riding. The officers assured the residents that they actively patrol the area, particularly at night when other crimes occur, and are forced to constantly enforce the law, issuing summonses or making arrests, as necessary.
The residents were also reminded that every entrance to Canarsie Park has posted signs about what is or isn’t legally allowed in there.

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