July 25


Remembering Legendary Singer Tony Bennett

July 25, 2023

Tony Bennett died at the age of 96 on July 21, 2023. One of the greatest voices of our time, Tony Bennett had a fabulous career spanning over 70 years. He won 20 Grammy Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

After being drafted in the Army, Tony began performing on stage under the stage name of Joe Bari. After a chance meeting with Bob Hope, who encouraged him and gave him his new stage name, Tony Bennett, the music world would never be the same. He recorded over 150 songs, including his signature song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” and his music has sold over 50 million records worldwide. Frank Sinatra called him “the best singer in the business.”
After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016, Tony continued to sing, record and perform. Jimmy Diele, Celebrity Spotlight Host at Hamilton Radio and iHeart Radio, had the pleasure of meeting the superstar several times over the years, including as a guest on his Celebrity Spotlight Radio Show and at SiriusXM Radio. He also met with the singer at his private office in Manhattan and had the opportunity to spend time with him backstage at one of his great performances.
Diele said Tony Bennett was very gracious and kind. “His music and voice will be with us forever.”

Courtesy of Jimmy Diele

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