April 20


Promoting Literacy During Poetry Month

April 20, 2022

April is National Poetry Month, first celebrated in 1996 to celebrate the “expressiveness, delight and pure charm of poetry.”  The Canarsie Courier’s weekly columnist and author of four books, Anaya Lee Willabus, dedicated her April 7th column in honor of National Poetry Month.  As New York’s youngest author (she wrote her first book at 8 years old), Anaya says her literary journey started with poetry.

Her publisher organizes school visits, and Anaya visited Williamsburg’s John Ericsson M.S. 126 on April 8th.  To promote National Poetry Month, she brought copies of the Canarsie Courier with her and had one of the students come up on stage to read her article, “National Poetry Month.”

Anaya told the Canarsie Courier that is was definitely a fun experience, but it looks like the students at M.S. 126 really enjoyed it too!  In the group picture, Anaya is holding the newspaper containing her column on poetry, and the students are holding her fourth book, Make it Happen!: Anaya Willabus.  Anaya is also pictured in front of the “Tree of Kindness” with Principal Maria Ortega.

Photos courtesy of Anaya Lee Willabus




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