March 30


Pain at the Pump – Longing for the Good Ole’ Days!

March 30, 2022

According to GasBuddy, the average price of gasoline in NYC was $4.36 per gallon as of Monday.  That’s slightly above the national average of $4.24 per gallon.  No matter where you live, everyone’s feeling the pain at the pumps – and in their wallets.

Remember when everyone was worried that gas prices would hit $3.00?! Well, believe it or not, that was only a year ago.  Gas prices were about $2.15 per gallon at the beginning of 2021 and quickly shot up to anywhere between $2.83 to $2.99 per gallon at local gas stations the same time last year (see “Surging Prices At The Pumps!” Canarsie Courier, April 1, 2021).

This week, at Canarsie gas stations, gas prices hit $4.29 at Mobil and $4.43 at Shell…and that’s just for regular gas when paying cash.

Hey, you could live in California where gas prices are reportedly topping off at $6.00 per gallon!

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