June 5


P.S. 276 Kindergarten Kids Learn to Speak Creole

June 5, 2023

Many parents have expressed their desire that their children learn another language or become more proficient in their native language. Thanks to a program at P.S. 276 Louis Marshall School, kindergarten students are learning how to speak Creole. The class recently celebrated Haitian Flag Day and was honored at a museum on Long Island.

The students speak English and Spanish, or Creole at home, while others are English Language Learners.
They represented and were honored at the African American Museum of Nassau County on May 13th and celebrated Haitian Flag Day on June 18th at the school, located at 1070 East 83rd Street. They also presented at the P.S. 276 Multicultural Day on June 1st.
The goal of the program is for students to become culturally and socially competent, to excel academically, and become bilingual and bilateral. It’s the school’s hope that the program will continue to be supported and the community will encourage everyone to accept, respect and appreciate their culture as well as others.

Courtesy of Guerlene Pierre-Louis, P.S. 276

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