March 26


P.S. 236 Takes a Field Trip to the Canarsie Courier Office

March 26, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 13

A group of young journalists paid a visit to the Canarsie Courier on Thursday, March 21st, to learn about a day in the life of a local newspaper and to share their experiences as part of their school’s newspaper club.

Seven students (4th and 5th graders) from P.S. 236 Mill Basin School are members of the P.S. 236 Newspaper Club, which meets weekly on Friday mornings to produce their online newspaper, The P.S. 236 Times.  The reporters focus on school-related activities, writing articles on everything from sports and spelling bees, to school shows and toy drives.

Accompanied by Teacher and Newspaper Club Editor Suzy Ojalvo and one parent, these industrious students came prepared, wearing their official press passes and armed with reporter notebooks and pencils. And like all good reporters, they came with inquisitive minds and lots of questions!

Stay tuned – you may see one of the talented reporter’s articles in an upcoming issue of the Canarsie Courier.

P.S. 236 is located at 6302 Avenue U in Mill Basin.

Photos courtesy of P.S. 236

Newspaper Club students Ben M., Darla P., Isaac B., Ian P., Charlotte P., Joseph F. and Kayla R. during their visit to the Canarsie Courier.
Student journalists ask questions during their field trip to the Canarsie Courier.

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