June 18


P.S. 115 Students Tighten Their Belts And Take A Bow At Taekwondo Graduation

June 18, 2022

Many know that practicing – and mastering – martial arts encompasses more than simply honing and emulating self-defense techniques. Hundreds of focused and disciplined youngsters at P.S. 115 proudly showcased those skills on Friday, June 10th at a special Taekwondo Graduation performance.

Parents were excited to see their children suited up in their doboks, demonstrating what they learned at the elementary school, located at 1500 East 92nd Street. Sidekicks, stances, strikes and even board-breaking were among the coordinated commands students presented.  

The 10-week Taekwondo program at the Daniel Mucatel School included grades one, three and four.

“The classes were about much more than a self-defense lesson once a week,” Principal Jonathan Lee told the Canarsie Courier. “Taekwondo, as an art, teaches them about setting goals, having discipline and respecting each other as well as themselves. They did an amazing job and make us proud to show parents the values we’re instilling in the children.”

Program teacher, Master Hans, who led the graduation demonstrations, said that the lessons helped students work together as a team and gave them guidance to be better listeners while learning different drills through the Korean martial art techniques. 

Whatever path the students may take, hopefully some of the tenets of Taekwondo – including perseverance, self-control and integrity – will be ingrained in their values for years to come.

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