February 8


Officers Map Out Possible Blueprints to Battle Recent Crime Surge

February 8, 2022

Tension in the community seems to be growing as southeast Brooklyn neighborhoods are riddled with gun violence. The 69th Precinct’s quarterly Build the Block meeting aimed to inform residents of the ongoing efforts to quell violence – possibly prior to tragic incidents taking place.

Sector C’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs), Stephanie Toussaint and Raymond Wong, hosted a Zoom meeting on Thursday, February 3rd, following a week of carnage and grieving in the city.
Sector C encompasses the northwest portion of the precinct, from Paerdegat Avenue North to the west side of East 94th Street and the south side of Glenwood Road to the north side of Avenue L. While fear is escalating among residents, Officer Toussaint shared some of the command’s plans to try to deter crime in the community. Some of the key patrol locations, where residents will see police cruisers posted along Flatlands Avenue in the lower East 80s, are unanimously considered “hot spots” by the precinct.
“We’re going to have more police officers on foot patrol and the 69th Precinct will soon have 13 new cops joining the command,” Toussaint said.
She also noted that despite the precinct’s knowledge of gang activity – and the locations where gun violence occurs most often – officers implore the public to let them know when they see teens and other groups congregating.
“Also, if you hear constant arguing at a location, you never know if that ongoing dispute will lead to a violent crime, so we encourage citizens to be mindful of interactions going on around you that can turn into a more dangerous situation,” Toussaint said.
Other quality of life issues that were hashed out included the ongoing eyesore of the flea market near East 81st Street and Flatlands Avenue, which has occupied a formerly empty lot for several years. While Toussaint wasn’t aware of any specific illegal activity taking place on the premises, residents contend that the owner of the lot keeps the space unsightly with what appears to be “garbage” strewn outside. She said she would visit the proprietor and address residents’ concerns.
Toussaint was proud to have her new partner, Officer Wong, hosting the meeting, as he has been with the 69th Precinct since November and this was his first NCO meeting. Both officers distributed their contact information in an effort to keep the lines of communication open with residents.
The 69th Precinct has four sectors and NCOs from each sector meet quarterly to hear residents’ concerns and create a sense of transparency between the NYPD and the communities they patrol. Check the 69th Precinct’s Facebook and Twitter pages for upcoming updates and meeting details. Twitter: @NYPD69Pct. Facebook: NYPD 69th Precinct.
You can also find the NCOs who represent your sector by logging on to: 1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/bureaus/patrol/precincts/69th-precinct.page

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