November 13


OBH Walk Supports Patients Undergoing Weight Loss

November 13, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 46

On Saturday, November 4th, employees, community members and residents participated in the 1st Obesity Walk sponsored by One Brooklyn Health (OBH) to raise funds for bariatric patients who can’t afford expensive dietary supplements after undergoing weight loss surgery.

The team at OBH Bariatric came up with the idea to host the 5K Run & Walk after noticing the financial challenges many patients faced when trying to purchase non-dairy protein shakes and bariatric vitamins necessary to help them maintain their weight loss. Dr. Tulla, a Bariatric Surgeon at OBH Brookdale Campus, told the Canarsie Courier that depending on the type of weight loss surgery someone has, many patients must use these shakes and special vitamins for life, and they can be quite costly.

One of the sponsors, Brownsville Recreational Center, showed their support and provided the venue for the event – the Osborn Park Track Field, located on Linden Blvd., between Osborn Street and Rockaway Avenue, just a few blocks from OBH Brookdale.

Among those participating in the event were OBH Brookdale employees like Simone Henry, who is passionate about community involvement. Walkers and runners received an OBH Medallion for their participation, and a variety of nutritional foods and vegetables were available for all.

Dr. Hufford, lead Bariatric surgeon, underwent a bariatric procedure more than 15 years ago and understands the struggles many patients face in maintaining their weight loss. He and his team created this event to provide patients with access to the resources and products they need to sustain their new lifestyle.

The OBH Bariatric Program was recently awarded as a Center of Excellence, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in patient care.


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