January 9


NYC’s “Worst Landlord Watch List” Of 2022 Includes Canarsie Properties

January 9, 2023

Can a new year mean a new and improved quality of life for New York City residents?

Most likely not, according to Public Advocate Jumanne Williams who recently unveiled a list of the 100 most egregiously negligent private landlords in NYC.
A press release from Williams’ office last December provided a lengthy portal to the worst landlords, who are responsible for a staggering 69,018 violations – ranging from structural disrepair to extensive heat and hot water outages.
Unfortunately, dozens of those properties are located right here in Canarsie and the surrounding areas!
The list of violations also includes rodent infestations, among other deteriorating conditions, and points the blame at irresponsible landlords – many who own multiple properties and are repeat offenders. Repairs are subsequently left for tenants to pick up the tab on many occasions where superintendents are absent.
In and around Canarsie, some of the following locations were cited on the 2022 Worst Landlords Watch List:
  • Multiple property units at 1003 East 86th Street (between Avenues J and K near Canarsie Cemetery), owned by landlord David Deutsch – 109 violations
  • 556 East 94th Street (between Linden Boulevard and Avenue A), owned by Atin Batra – 74 violations
  •  421 East 94th Street (located in Remsen Village, between Kings Highway and Linden Boulevard), owned by Sigmund Fruend – 68 violations
  • 413 East 98th Street (also in Remsen Village), owned by Sam Klein – 114 violations
  • Numerous violations for properties at East 76th Street (along Paerdegat Avenue North between Flatlands Avenue and Paerdegat 1st Street), also owned by David Deutsch

The Public Advocate’s office also says NYC has become the most expensive city in the world.

“Rents are becoming unaffordable and conditions are becoming unlivable,” said Williams. “Landlords are putting profits over people and circumventing or repealing housing laws rather than following them. We need to meet this crisis with strong regulations and real consequences. That means the city needs to dismiss disingenuous arguments from bad actors and invest more resources for enforcement, not cut what we have.”

NYCHA has a whopping 673,990 open work orders, an increase of 73,510 over 2021’s statistics. In a year that saw an arsenic poisoning scare and the CEO of NYCHA step down, the housing authority itself remains the overall worst landlord in the city.

If you reside at any one of the above properties listed, e-mail us at Canarsiec@aol.com, along with photos of pending repairs and the deplorable conditions in your home. We may feature your quality of life issues in an upcoming edition. Visit LandlordWatchlist.com to check if your home made the grade.

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