July 2


NCOs Address Recurring Parking Woes In 69th Precinct’s Sector D

July 2, 2022

Hundreds, if not thousands, of families will flock to local recreational spaces this summer to host family parties and celebrations. In Canarsie, if you’re not chilling by the water at the pier, you’re probably planning a barbecue or picnic at Canarsie Park. What you may not know is that some of the quality of life concerns pertaining to the park are impossible to curtail or mitigate.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) with the 69th Precinct, Ioana Matiuta and Nicholas Ringelspaugh, cleared up some misconceptions about the beloved park during the quarterly Sector D Build the Block meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, June 22nd.

“We know that it’s going to be a busy summer, and with more COVID restrictions being lifted, more families will be out having parties,” said NCO Matiuta. “One thing that’s impossible to curtail and crack down on is the double parking on Seaview Avenue. We can’t even tell drivers to move their vehicles somewhere else because there is nowhere else. There are no parking lots on site at Canarsie Park, so telling them to move will only result in them double parking on residential streets and possibly blocking a homeowner’s car. It’s a bad situation we’re unable to resolve.”

The NCO also said that barbecuing, once illegal due to lack of designated spots, is now allowed at the front portion of the park according to signage and the Parks Department.

Matiuta also introduced her new partner on the NCO team, Officer Nicholas Ringelspaugh, who has routinely patrolled Sectors D and B. Most of his duties with the precinct included responding to 311 complaints and covering midnight tours.

The officers also addressed car theft patterns and crimes of opportunity in the sector, which encompasses the southwest portion of the command, including Canarsie Park.

“We’re asking residents to be even more mindful of their vehicles because one car was stolen at Flatlands Avenue and East 89th Street recently with two children inside,” Matiuta reported. “We recovered that vehicle a few blocks from where it was stolen and the children were found safe inside – but please, we’re asking parents to be extra vigilant. Don’t just run into a store or deli – even for a few minutes – thinking it’s okay to leave your doors unlocked.”

The officer also noted that most stolen cars are typically used to commit other crimes, including fatal shootings and thefts that cannot, subsequently, be traced back to the true owners of the vehicle involved in the crime. In other instances, she said, some youngsters are simply looking to take any random car for a joyride and dump them somewhere else.

Officers vowed to keep on top of ongoing problematic locations this summer – including the chronic annoyance of house parties reported at East 87th Street and Avenue L, where backyard noise complaints continue to be the bane of neighbors’ peace of mind.

“We spoke to the owner of the property and they assured us these parties are ‘friendly’ – but we’re going to show our presence, use sound meters and issue civil summonses if it gets out of hand,” Matiuta said.

The NCOs will meet again in three months to take feedback from the community and also distribute their contact information so residents can contact them if needed. Follow the 69th Precinct on Twitter (@nypd69pct) to find out when your sector meets.

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