June 12


Merchants Association Hosts Afterschool Kids Carnival

June 12, 2023

Canarsie Blend partnered with the Rockaway Parkway Merchants Corridor Association (RPMA) to host yet another exciting Afterschool Kids Carnival Fun event, this time taking place on Avenue M, on Wednesday, June 7th.

After the success of the first event, we decided to spread the joy by organizing another gathering on a different corridor. We recognized the immense enthusiasm of the attendees and wanted to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to partake in the fun-filled festivities. Canarsie Blend became the vibrant hub of excitement as the fun-filled activities extended to schoolchildren located across the street, offering them a wonderful afterschool experience.

Children had the opportunity to play jump rope, hula hoop, hopscotch and do sidewalk chalk. When they needed a treat, they enjoyed the treat station provided by Canarsie Blend, which consisted of rice krispies, popsicles, banana nut bread, smoothies and more. Once the children saw the event, their faces lit up with excitement, and they could not contain their joy as they ran to participate in the festivities. The DJ kept everyone entertained throughout the afternoon, and even the police officers who stopped by for smoothies could not resist participating in the sidewalk chalk activities and joined in without hesitation.

It was wonderful to see the community filled with so much joy despite the current air conditions. It was a time for people to let go of their stress and have a good time with their community members.

Courtesy of Rockaway Parkway Merchants Corridor Association


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