May 30


Marine Park – School’s First Science Expo Was Out of Sight!

The Science Department of Marine Park JHS 278,located at 1925 Stuart Street, held a Science Expo on Friday, May 19th, where young scientists had all sorts of projects on display at their demonstration tables, including Slimy Science, Health Care, Gardening, Hydroponics, Urban Advantage, Hockey, Earth Science and a Geology station, among others.
This was the first science expo held at the school, and it was spearheaded by Science Teacher Laura Scarfogliero and Digital Tech Co-Chair Michael Young, with the full support of Principal Kerri Moser who advocates for working together in a collaborative environment.
Young told the Canarsie Courier, “The expo is ultra-exciting. The kids really devoted themselves to creating projects from scratch.” One such project was soap box derbies. Kids built their own and are looking forward to competing in their first race on June 10th at Fort Hamilton High School.
Another student, Matthew, even made his own air conditioner using a fan and some ice. Then, there’s Dylan Barriteau, a very talented young man who makes trains by hand using cardboard, glue, paper and a robotics battery to power them.
There’s just no limit in sight for these budding young scientists!

Photos by Arthur De Gaeta

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