February 7


Marine Park – P.S. 207 Students Sing, Dance and Act at Legally Blonde Performance

February 7, 2023

Order in the court with song and dance!

Parents, children and faculty gathered for two magnificent performances– on February 1st and 2nd – of Legally Blonde The Musical Jr., performed by P.S. 207’s very own students.

Directed and choreographed by Kimberly Simek with the assistance of Millennium Development, over 50 students from P.S. 207’s Fillmore Academy Drama Club performed a version of Legally Blonde that was appropriate for all ages but still maintained its message of positivity and encouragement.

Legally Blonde was chosen based off of the cast that we had,” said Simek. “I always try and look at what type of talent we have in our pool, and we just had a really strong group. You can see that all of our leads are really quite strong, so I try to cater to their needs.”

Legally Blonde follows the story of Elle Woods, who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, decides to go to Harvard Law School, become a serious lawyer and get him back, though, in the process, she realizes that there is more to her than just romance.

Angelina Borgese, who played Woods, said, “It’s so fun. I personally really relate to the character. I love her style and everything about her and performing her was just so amazing to me.”

Legally Blonde was the first performance in the school’s auditorium with a live audience after the COVID-19 lockdowns. However, several plays still occurred, including one performed remotely as everyone filmed themselves and later edited the clips. In 2022, The Little Mermaid was live-streamed entirely, and another play was recently performed in the schoolyard.

I’m so proud that everyone has risen to the occasion,” said Simek. “This particular cast has taken a lot of initiative that I’m very proud of, initiative of seeing props that need to be moved, character development that was enhanced, and they just did it. They think about all of those nuances of their performances and just really killed it. They have it down to a T and I couldn’t be more impressed and prouder to be working so closely with them.”

P.S. 207 is located at 4011 Fillmore Avenue.


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