May 14


Marine Park – P.S. 207 and Fillmore Academy Celebrate Artistic Excellence at Annual Showcase

May 14, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 20

On Friday, May 10th, P.S. 207 and Fillmore Academy dazzled with their 15th Annual Art Show, showcasing the creativity and talent of their students. The event, held in the school’s gym, at 4011 Fillmore Avenue, was a vibrant display of artwork, photos and handmade storybooks, drawing proud parents to celebrate their children’s achievements.

Highlighting the intersection of art and technology, the exhibition featured STEAM projects from 5th-grade students, adding a modern twist to traditional artistry. Spearheading the art show were dedicated educators, including Antoinette Spada and Michele Kelly, who nurtured the students’ artistic flair.

Principal Neil J. McNeill, Jr., along with assistant principals Terri Contursi and Noreen Alvarez, played a pivotal role in fostering a thriving artistic community within the school. With over 500 works of art on display, ranging from grades 3 to 8, the showcase celebrated the diverse talents of P.S. 207 and Fillmore Academy students.

The event was not just about admiration; it was also a platform for recognition and honor. Students received medals and ribbons, with outstanding achievements earning awards across grades 3 to 8. Moreover, the induction of members into the National Junior Art Honor Society showcased students who use their artistic skills for community service projects.

Among the standout moments were the presentation of specialty awards to exceptional students. Jayda Haniff and Olivia Arrindell were recognized at the Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival, while Zoe Ramos, Michele Powers, Dulce Perez-Rodriguez, Yu Lam and Nicole Gorodetskaya were honored at the Dare to Dream NYCATA Visual Arts Exhibition. Additionally, Josephine Shanks won the prestigious Ezra Jack Keat Bookmaking Schoolwide Award.

The event also celebrated academic achievements, with students like Michele Powers and Zoe Pierre earning acceptance into the Murrow Screened High School Program, a testament to the Advanced Art Portfolio Development Program’s success.

Throughout the ceremony, the hall reverberated with the cheers of fellow students as their classmates were called up to accept their awards. The enthusiasm and support of peers added to the electric atmosphere of the event.

The art show concluded with heartfelt gratitude from Spada, McNeill, Jr. and Kelly, along with their service dog, Joy. They thanked the school administration, families and students for their unwavering support and commitment to the arts, reaffirming that creativity thrives at P.S. 207 and Fillmore Academy. They also congratulated all the students for “creating such magnificent and dynamic works of art,” stating how proud they are of them.

As the event came to a close on another successful showcase, some students will continue on, taking their talent on the road to proudly represent their school.  P.S. 207 and Fillmore Academy showed that art is not just a subject—it’s a vibrant expression of the school’s spirit and the boundless potential of its students.

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