June 3


Marine Park – Magical Disney Send-off as P.S. 207 Performs Moana

June 3, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 23

Faculty, family members and classmates gathered in the auditorium of P.S. 207, at 4011 Fillmore Avenue, for the Fillmore Academy Drama Club’s final performance of the school year – its theatrical production of Disney’s Moana JR.

Premiering on Wednesday, May 22nd, with a final curtain call on Thursday, May 23rd, the Drama Club cast gave it their all.  For 8th-graders, it was their last production before they head to high school.

Their acting careers began in the 2nd grade, starting with The Jungle Book and continuing with each subsequent grade, performing The Lion King in 3rd grade, Frozen in 4th grade, and The Little Mermaid and Once on This Island in 6th grade. In 7th grade, they performed Legally Blonde and The Addams Family; in 8th grade, they led with Seussical and bowed to the grand finale: Moana JR.

“Every show that we do, we try and look for different opportunities for the students, [whether it is] performing, exercising different types of acting skills and types of stories,” said Director Kimberly Simek. “The last story that we did was very complicated, and it’s been a long time since we’ve done a Disney show. The current group of 8th-graders – this is their last show. They started with me doing Disney, so I thought what a beautiful book and also ended on such a beautiful show that has such amazing music and a great story.”

Lead actress Alana Copland brought Moana to life with her performance, displaying Moana’s courage and adventurous attitude, along with her struggles and determination. Along for the ride was Connor Lawson as Maui, playing the larger-than-life character, bringing in the comedic chops and being able to match Dwayne Johnson’s wits.

“It feels good that this is my first time having the main lead and especially for the last show that I’m doing here,” said Copland. “207 helped me get more comfortable on stage, because when I first started, I was super nervous, but now going into LaGuardia High School, I know that I’m not scared on stage and I’m ready to learn because of all of the shows that I’ve done here.”

For the past few years, the 22 graduating 8th-graders have acted to the best of their abilities and will now go to high school to hone their skills.

“Much of their presence on stage and backstage has meant a lot to me and the entire Drama Club here in 207,” said Simek. “I hope that they take it with them in the future. Some are going to LaGuardia for Performing Arts and other performing arts high schools all around the city. I just hope that they always remember us here from their middle school career.”


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